Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Look Ma"- I can sew!

(layout designed by Jolee Jane for Jennifer Priest)
This was so much fun to put together, I really loved the bright happy colors both Katie and Mathew were wearing, Jennifer has such great looking kids;)
I used a program called color select
It's super easy to use and allowed me to open the pictures in black and white and select the area to be "colorized"
I then tried my "first" hand at sewing on a machine- I literally hadn't sewn in 32 years!
I tittled the journal tag "on a mission" and doodled my way around with my favorite new
3D souffle pens- flowers are made from scraps of corduroy and felt.


  1. love the corduroy flowers and doodling!

  2. Great job on your sewing. Well done!!

  3. jolee - i love, love, love this page! so adorable and the trims matching the clothing - very cool. everything is just popping off the page. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! *xo*