Sunday, March 29, 2009

Donna's big 4-0!

March Pages by Elena Lai Etcheverry for Donna Salazar

Happy Birthday Lovely Donna! Here are my pages. I hope I am not the only one screwing up the size a bit. Mine are all coming out 9" layouts. So sorry you guys! I guess you will just have a page sticking out of your book :) Thank goodness I assembled a group of girls who can go with the flow!

For Donna's page, I did peek-a-book scalloped pockets. The pictures of her with her kids were similar and they looked so cute just peeking over the edge.

You can pull the scallop flap down to see the whole picture though.

I wanted to use this Martha Stewart bird punch so stamped a branch and it looked lame and so I tried to make a tree and while I was doing that, I dropped my stamp on to the canvas and of course was using stazon so big boo boo! No mistakes in scrapbooking though, I cut another piece of canvas and stitched 40 years to cover it up then went out back and picked up a twig and voila! my birdie had a tree after all!

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