Wednesday, April 22, 2009

True Beauties by Jolee Jane

Layout by Jolee Jane for Melissa Kennedy

The moment I saw this picture of Melissa's beautiful daughter' with their contagious smiles

I knew I had to create a little whimsy

After painting the canvas I drew on the scalloped top border with a black oil pastel crayon and then re- emphasized the scallops with more white paint

I decided to hand sew some felt triangles and while making them realized they would make roofs(very random thought;) , the house bodies are card stock covered in Mica.

Lastly I made a journal tag that tucks in just behind the photo.

always so very fun to create with such beauty for inspiration!


  1. Love those little houses the roofs rock. ..

  2. totall love it - and so do the girls....

  3. Super fun page!!! Love the frame and the mica flakes!