Friday, July 17, 2009

Donna's Denim Pocket By Nanny Goat

On my post last weekend, I told you about finding all the little treasures as a result of my packing and unpacking during my move. Here is another layout I created that – I think – benefitted from my finds!

This layout is for my friend Donna-Goat. That is, Donna Salazar. You see, my close friends know that my family calls me Nanny Goat, so I usually reciprocate by calling them “their name” - Goat right back. Donna is Donna Goat. LOL!

Donna sent me a whole bunch of fun photos of her from CHA Winter in Anaheim in January. Donna likes to do the whole self-portrait sorta thing, with the camera outstretched and the faces tight in the frame. It’s like her own personal photo booth. Great fun. So I had six photos to arrange on one – what felt like suddenly – very small piece of 8 ½” X 11” canvas. What to do?

I put them in a pocket. A denim pocket. And anyone who knows Donna knows that she love love LOVES denim. It’s Donna’s Denim Pocket of Friends. But that’s all I am going to tell you. These sneaks will have to do for now! Ha!

Hope you all are having a great summer! xoxoxox

Donna Goat and Jennifer Goat!

Donna Goat and Elena Goat!

Donna Goat and Nanny Goat :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jane's Laughter Layout by Nan

Isn't this such a joyful photo of a mother and daughter? This is Jane and her daughter, Candace. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jane in person yet, but when I saw this photo I just had to smile. I want to laugh with her!! What fun!

I love their expressions, I love the frothy blue of the clothes and the texture of the sand. Oh, I so wanted to make a glorious layout from this photo! But alas, I was tied up in moving this past month and I couldn't get my creative mojo going. But now just 12 days in the new house, I am unpacked and realize the advantage of unpacking and discovering all the long lost delights of scrap supplies long forgotten. I completed two Lucky 13 layouts this weekend, and both benefitted from the "oh, look what I have" revelations of my scrap unpacking! LOL!

First I found this jelly tag that reads "a laugh is a smile that bursts".....perfect for this photo! Then I found some buttons, brads and crystal beads that I loved the look of. A little stitching and a great orange color to offset the blue, and I was so loving this layout!

I hope Jane and Candace love it too.....

And, by the way, I so want to know what you two are laughing about in this photo.

Nan :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blue, White, & Blue

I created a Lucky 13 page today for Elena with photos of the Mother's Day celebrations in her family. For the page, I chose a photo of her and her mother as the focal point. Elena's mom is wearing a pretty blue shirt which I used as a starting point for my *mostly* monochromatic design. To start, I painted the entire canvas page blue. I used a nice pretty star spangled banner-like blue since 4th of July is in just a couple days, time to get in the spirit and all. Then I started the decorating!

A few weeks ago I got a great deal on some felt doilies by Martha Stewart. I cut one of the doilies in half and stitched it to the canvas page. Then I added some Prima felt Voila, lots of flowers, and some grungeboard elements that I Glimmer Misted. After everything was assembled, I Glimmer Misted the page with Irridescent Gold Glimmer Mist.

One of the big challenges in working with paper and canvas is finding a good adhesive. I've been trying different things with varied success but today I tried Glossy Accents. It worked pretty well - I was surprised! If you have any ideas about good adhesives for this kind of project, please share!