Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cover Page by Cheryl Waters

I am just so thrilled to be here . . . in this circle journal group . . . amongst new and old friends. In the last few months I've been touched by continuing to cultivate established friendships and thrilled to begin new relationships with these wonderful and talented women. I'm just so excited about what each of our circle journals will look like when they are completed in January of 2010. Each one will be so unique and represent 12 (there are 13 of us) unique and special artists and ladies.
I am so excited about the pages these artists are creating that I went ahead and created a cover page the other night for my journal. Behind this page I've created will house a representation of friendship, art, investment (into one another's lives), beauty and so much more.
This journey is such a gift! A gift of friendship, art, life, and sharing. I'm thankful you all are here and sharing it with us!
So I just thought I'd share my cover page.

I'm not one that uses red that often but it was fun to do a red and black combination in honor of the theme we've picked . . . the Lucky Thirteen. The #2 card represents my Fiskateer number #002. I see this cover page as a home awaiting some beautifully created pieces of art. I can't wait.