Sunday, April 26, 2009

april 25th

a few of us were able to meet up for a day - yesterday. here's a group shot of cheryl, jennifer, elena, melanie and candice.

per tradition... here's smooshy face with mel, cheryl and elena.

we had a ton of fun. ate some yummy food. blazing buffalo chicken dip, velvet cupcakes, veggies, homemade mac and cheese - yum. we cropped. we gabbed. we laughed. we swapped. atc swap that is. here are some pics of those atcs.


  1. Oh my gosh- love the pics! I didn't get that memo and wouldn't have arrived wearing coordinating colors with all of you so it's almost okay that I didn't get to come! Can't wait to see these gorgeous ATCs in person!

  2. Love the sharing and how cool that some of you good get together in person. . . what a blessing.

  3. this was seriously too much fun! I am so glad we got together . this is shaping up to be an amazing group, I knew it would! thanks for posting Candice!

  4. I totally had a blast on Saturday (even if I was bit grumpy from not sleeping :P )!! Thanks so much for organizing Candace and it was super fun to carpool with ya Cheryl!! I'm thinking I kinda like ATCs now too...