Friday, October 1, 2010

Translating from Canvas to 12x12

I had a blast working with canvas during our Lucky 13 Journey and created some pages that really challenged me creatively. Some of us made copies of our canvas pages to keep a second book for ourselves. Why not translate the canvas pages into 12x12 pages?

One of my favorite pages is the one I created for Elena Etcheverrry--the rich, bright blue with the white and brown accents really pops of the page for an intense effect. I took this page that I created for Elena:

And simply did the same exact thing on a 12x12 piece of cardstock that was the same blue.

The blue on Elena's page is actually painted. I taught this "copy" in my Project 12x12 Class on Going Green--we used some Martha Stewart Felt Doilies in a new way! They came 3 to a pack and who needs 3 in their house--use one for decor and the other 2 for craft projects, why not?

Just because art is on canvas or presented in a different way than our familiar scrappy 12x12 scrapbook pages doesn't mean we can't translate that to our own work! Next time you're feeling a little stumped about where to go with your page, look outside of scrapbooking for inspiration--translate a piece of art into your own scrapbook page.

Happy Creating!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lucky 13 Publishing Update

I wanted to share with you an update on the Lucky 13 project. Recently I received a sneak peek and some information about when and where the Lucky 13 project was going to be published. Now, if you're not familar with the Lucky 13 . . . no worries . . . check out the blog and I think you'll find it a lot of fun. It was 13 artists that Elena Etcheverry brought together from all over the world to share in one anothers lives. We crafted each others special moments of life each month. It was a very special journey that brought new friendship and strengthened others not to mention the inspiration that took place. All kinds of media was used and our main ingredient . . . it was done on canvas.

So the project will be published in Somerset Memories in their Autumn issue which is due out on October 1st. Because there were so many images . . . there will be a sampling in the article and then more images will be available on line.

I wanted to personally thank Jana . . . the fantastic editor of Somerset Memories for all her hard work on this issue and project. She's fantastic! I wanted to thank everyone who came along this journey with us! It's been a very special one!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last of the Last and Wrapping It Up

I realized I didn't post the last page I created which was for Gloria. I created the following page for Gloria. I enjoyed using paint (fabric and 3-D) as well as paper and ink. Just a mix of different things. But I wanted to share it with you and also give you a little update.

I'm completing an article and compiling all the finished Lucky 13 projects in preparation for publication in Somerset Memories. I'll keep you updated as to when the publication is available.

Everyone has their pages in hand from each artist and have bound them together some way, some how. It's been fun to see each of them. Donna and I found a fun basket in which I'll store the books in while they are at Stampington's headquarters.
There's a part of me that has enjoyed having a completed project in hand that represents our lives and our art. There's also a part that's kind of sad to see this journey come to a close. But I know the relationships made through this project will be long lasting!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Pages from Melissa

Being on the other side of the world and hearing how these girls are catching up with one another at crops and things around the country at times made me feel a little removed from the group but it was a great year getting to know them all through the blog, email and then of course there is CHA where twice a year we actually do get a chance to meet face to face. All these girls have a wonderful way of making you feel welcome. All so friendly and warm and extremely talented. It was an honour to be asked to take part and also lots of fun. Scrapping on canvas was a whole new experience for me and i slowly got more confidence to try new things as the year went on. Here are a few of my pages that I did for the girls.

Page for Gloria.
I love happy snaps especially with chidren and i know how much Gloria's children make her happy. I had a little fun playing with one of our new ranges on this page. Even the stamps worked on canvas which was something i hadn't done before.

Page for Cheryl
Glimmer misting seems to be all the current rage at the moment so when i got to Cheryls page as she is sooooo creative i thought i too would try something a little different and outside of my usual comfort zone. I got one of my grandma old doilies (don't worry it wasn't an antique one) and layed it over my canvas and used it as a mask when spraying.

Page for Elena
We all know how special Elena is and well this girl inspires me, how she is always doing something for someone. Even with out the makeup, without the trademake princess crown truly is NATURALLY beautiful inside and out. As her favourite colour is purple that is the colour i based this layout around. I loved doing this page for her.

Page for Jane This is another layout that i had a lot of fun with and overdosed a little with the glimmer mist.
Its hard to see from the sneak peak but i was inspired by the photograph of the gorgeous wreath of leaves so out came the leaf punches, a couple of visits to LSS's to find more and to create a wreath of my own to showcase the photos in.

stay tuned for more later on - but i think the kids and hubby need a feed first.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cheryl's Page by Angela

Well, really this is Cheryl's beautiful daughter Abby's page. Cheryl treated Abby and her friends to a day at Knott's Berry Farm for Abby's birthday and I got to try my hand at being challenged by the concept of a birthday once again. But again, because I love Cheryl, it was easy PLUS I'm always raving about Cheryl's wonderful work and all the fun little details she adds, so I immediately knew I wanted to make sure I went a little crazy with this page.
First, I am a huge candy fan. Everyone jokes that I should do crafts with candy but this is the furthest I've ever taken the challenge. I painted the whole canvas page with Liquitex Texture Gel with glass beads and then sprinkled real cake sprinkles on top. I was going for a frosted cake look and it worked! The only thing I'd change next time is adding some paint colors to the clear texture gel so you really see the texture of the "frosting." And for all of you who were taught to scrap in the days of "acid free" warnings, I give you permission to branch out. This layout will not last forever and the cake toppings will probably not fair to well in the long haul (I could spray them with a sealant, though) but the most important thing is, I had fun making it. Plus, I have photos of the layout that will last forever.

Donna's page by Angela

This whole Lucky 13 exercise has been so interesting. How do you take photos that you aren't really invested in and create a page around them? That's a challenge. However, it becomes less of a challenge if you know the person in the photo well. Take Donna, for example, I've known her for years now. We worked together on the Scrapbook LifeStyle show but we also had time to know each other outside of work. Turns out we both love thrift stores and divey food places. I also know that Donna has a special affection for all things denim . It wasn't too much of a stretch to think about how to scrap for Donna. I just grabbed a ripped and outgrown pair of my son's jeans and went to town.

The best thing about these Blank Canvas Board books by C & T Publishing (plug!) is that they really inspire me to get out the sewing machine. I revived an old piece of silk embroidery ribbon I had to add some detail to these plastic Heidi Grace flowers I used as well. I also used a home decorating tip on this layout: when in doubt, add a small splash of red here and there. It helps brighten up monochromatic color schemes.