Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pages by Melissa Kennedy

Gi’day lovely ladies. i think it would be fair for you to think that the chick from downunder had gone MIA. For those of you who work fulltime you will understand never ending work commitments – make that work in the scrapping industry, and sometimes the last thing you feel like doing when you get home is just that. i then had an appointment with a tent for a week which i must say was soooooo much fun – followed by a massive overdose on chocolate. Anyway the long awaited start to this project finally happened and i must say i have had so most fun over this weekend. Thank you thank you thank you for asking me to be a part of this. Ok my pages are a little simpler than some of the awesome work i see showing up here but this canvas thing is all sooooo new to me – so i am learning as i go and hope you like.

What to do – what to do….Well with the canvases, i tackled this weekend, i first cut them to size ( 8 x 9”), frayed the edges and gave the backs of them a quick coat of fabric stiffener – did we have to do that?????? not sure but i did anyway – it all kinda made me look as it i new what i was doing. LOL. Didn’t have the colored paint i wanted on hand so i thought i would try out some techniques with ink and masks. This was fun. Flourishes, spots and dots being rubbed onto the canvas – i had ink all over me and trust me when i say more than one photo had to be reprinted due to dirty fingers…. hmmmmm.
Add to that some stitching and rubons........ Can you believe that???? the rubons worked like a treat on the canvas. i weren’t sure at first whether to try them or not but glad i did and loved how they turned out.

February Layout – Michelle Van Etten’s photos
Michelle sent me these of her and a friend partying – she said the two of them are known as fire and ice so with fire in my mind i went for the oranges and reds. Had a little play in photoshop to color up the hat to match and had lots of fun creating this layout.
March Layout – Stephanie Ackerman’s photos
Stephanie sent photos of a trip on Valentines day to Grandpa and grandma’s house
Being valentines day it gave me an excuse to use up some of the “hearts” i have stashed away. You've got some gorgeous “boys” there Stephanie
April Layout - Melanie Christie’s photos
Melanie sent me in some photos of some of her birthday celebrations.
Had a bit of fun with this layout too with the little party hat and cake.
Sounds like the cooking class was a fantastic surprise.


  1. Love it, love it, love it.........

  2. Just wonderful . . . thanks for sharing us.

  3. really fab work!! I'm so glad you had fun playing with the canvas!!

  4. these are all beautiful. I am so glad you had fun with it!

  5. Every last one of these layouts is gorgeous! I especially love how you frayed the edges. I'm SO doing that with the next layout I create!

  6. Wow I just love all the fabulous color and dimmension you created , very inspirational!

  7. WOW Melissa all of these pages ROCK!!!! Well worth the wait for sure, Love all the masking and misting and painting--WOWOWOW!

  8. So beautiful creations....!

    Louloupi from France