Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Pages from Melissa

Being on the other side of the world and hearing how these girls are catching up with one another at crops and things around the country at times made me feel a little removed from the group but it was a great year getting to know them all through the blog, email and then of course there is CHA where twice a year we actually do get a chance to meet face to face. All these girls have a wonderful way of making you feel welcome. All so friendly and warm and extremely talented. It was an honour to be asked to take part and also lots of fun. Scrapping on canvas was a whole new experience for me and i slowly got more confidence to try new things as the year went on. Here are a few of my pages that I did for the girls.

Page for Gloria.
I love happy snaps especially with chidren and i know how much Gloria's children make her happy. I had a little fun playing with one of our new ranges on this page. Even the stamps worked on canvas which was something i hadn't done before.

Page for Cheryl
Glimmer misting seems to be all the current rage at the moment so when i got to Cheryls page as she is sooooo creative i thought i too would try something a little different and outside of my usual comfort zone. I got one of my grandma old doilies (don't worry it wasn't an antique one) and layed it over my canvas and used it as a mask when spraying.

Page for Elena
We all know how special Elena is and well this girl inspires me, how she is always doing something for someone. Even with out the makeup, without the trademake princess crown truly is NATURALLY beautiful inside and out. As her favourite colour is purple that is the colour i based this layout around. I loved doing this page for her.

Page for Jane This is another layout that i had a lot of fun with and overdosed a little with the glimmer mist.
Its hard to see from the sneak peak but i was inspired by the photograph of the gorgeous wreath of leaves so out came the leaf punches, a couple of visits to LSS's to find more and to create a wreath of my own to showcase the photos in.

stay tuned for more later on - but i think the kids and hubby need a feed first.


  1. All of your peaks are so cool love that you stepped outside your box and Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. love the pages your created! thanks so much for being a part of this!

  3. Beautiful pages. Thanks for sharing your work.