Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cheryl's Page by Angela

Well, really this is Cheryl's beautiful daughter Abby's page. Cheryl treated Abby and her friends to a day at Knott's Berry Farm for Abby's birthday and I got to try my hand at being challenged by the concept of a birthday once again. But again, because I love Cheryl, it was easy PLUS I'm always raving about Cheryl's wonderful work and all the fun little details she adds, so I immediately knew I wanted to make sure I went a little crazy with this page.
First, I am a huge candy fan. Everyone jokes that I should do crafts with candy but this is the furthest I've ever taken the challenge. I painted the whole canvas page with Liquitex Texture Gel with glass beads and then sprinkled real cake sprinkles on top. I was going for a frosted cake look and it worked! The only thing I'd change next time is adding some paint colors to the clear texture gel so you really see the texture of the "frosting." And for all of you who were taught to scrap in the days of "acid free" warnings, I give you permission to branch out. This layout will not last forever and the cake toppings will probably not fair to well in the long haul (I could spray them with a sealant, though) but the most important thing is, I had fun making it. Plus, I have photos of the layout that will last forever.


  1. Love it Angela and I so love all the beautiful colors. I love your personality woven in there too . . . candy, liveliness, fun! Thank you for documenting my memories in such a special way!