Saturday, March 13, 2010

Donna's page by Angela

This whole Lucky 13 exercise has been so interesting. How do you take photos that you aren't really invested in and create a page around them? That's a challenge. However, it becomes less of a challenge if you know the person in the photo well. Take Donna, for example, I've known her for years now. We worked together on the Scrapbook LifeStyle show but we also had time to know each other outside of work. Turns out we both love thrift stores and divey food places. I also know that Donna has a special affection for all things denim . It wasn't too much of a stretch to think about how to scrap for Donna. I just grabbed a ripped and outgrown pair of my son's jeans and went to town.

The best thing about these Blank Canvas Board books by C & T Publishing (plug!) is that they really inspire me to get out the sewing machine. I revived an old piece of silk embroidery ribbon I had to add some detail to these plastic Heidi Grace flowers I used as well. I also used a home decorating tip on this layout: when in doubt, add a small splash of red here and there. It helps brighten up monochromatic color schemes.

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