Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Easter Page- for Melissa by Angela

Holidays are tough for me to scrap. I look at the photos and all I can think is, "Yep, another cake." or in the case of Easter at our house- it's usually just uninspiring shots of my family, with bedhead and some not so great shots of our kids stumbling around in the backyard on a sugar high. I'm just not inspired by them. I prefer to scrap moments than events. However, I have been SO inspired by the gorgeous pages my fellow Lucky 13ies have made (the cute Easter page Nan made for ME below, for example), I have been determined to continue to scrap outside the parameters of my usual clean graphic look. So when Melissa sent me photos of her girls at Easter, I immediately thought of my favorite part of Easter- the sugared eggs that you can peek through and see a little scene inside. I think they're simply magical so why not make a scrapped version?

This idea took 2 canvas pages instead of the usual 1. It also meant I had to brave the semi-treacherous world of German glitter glass (I'm always afraid I'll forget I have it all over the place and rub my eyes!) but you know, I think I actually pulled off the idea I was going for. I even found a good reason to add one of my favorite embellishments- tulle and even did a bit of sewing. I wish I could show more than a peek because I think it's pretty darned cute but you get the idea. And just in time for THIS Easter! Cheers, Melissa!