Friday, March 12, 2010

Michelle's May page by Angela

I have an affliction I refer to as FReDs: Facial Recognition Disorder. This means that I have a hard time recognizing people if they change ever so slightly from one meeting to the next or even if they've changed their hair (ponytail v. hair down will render people completely unrecognizable to me) or, even worse, if they're in a new venue. Even if you're my dentist of 10 years, I won't know who you are if you approach me at a soccer game. I'm totally self-diagnosed, of course but this all leads me to this layout I made for Michelle. It looks like she's with Kelly Gorey from BasicGrey. I mean, I THINK it's Kelly...

At any rate, this is a very ME layout- no influencing by the other Luckies. I like bold colors and I really love plastic. I know that's not chic or today but I do. I am using up my last bit of cherished grapefruit bag netting for this layout. I can only hope Costco sells those again because I love the material. I also have a fondness for polyester but I suppose that's beside the point...

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  1. Well I don't know either of them so you could of put any name you wanted to up there! I like the circle and all the stars around it!