Sunday, June 7, 2009

We are here! sorry for the delay!

Hello Lucky 13 watchers!

This is Elena and I wanted to let you know WE ARE HERE! We had a little glich because we had a "player" change and as you can see from the last post, Nan Paturzo is joining us! We are going to start getting very active on this blog now that we got a few things settled. In fact, we have decided we are going to try to get the lucky 13 pages published! So from now on, we will be posting snippets of our pages instead of the whole page, and we will post a "idea/technique/tip" with the snippet.

So I'll go first. (There is an extra sneek peek photo on my personal blog)

This is a page I did for Gloria. She has 3 lovely kids that I adore. Like most kids, they are colorful and make me smile. So I created a rainbow for them to play on. The rainbow is painted and then I added all sorts of different colored embellishements to the different colored arches to give texure, interest and fun! The title is "Happiness is over the rainbow" I can't wait for you all to see the whole page!

Keep an eye out for more pages! We will be posting regularly from now on!


  1. i am glad you are back I was wondering where you went to your sneak peak of your page is amazing. . .

  2. We are here and with you !!! Got to spend a wonderful weekend with Jane one of the lucky "13" ____ Julie

  3. love the colors elena. can't wait to see the entire page. *xo*