Friday, June 26, 2009

Inspired by her green(beautiful) eyes

Layout created for Michelle by Jolee Jane
I was so inspired by how striking Michelle's eyes are in contrast to her black blouse, I immediately choose green as one of my colors in creating.

Next I swung over to Rebbecca Sowers flicker - as I am always instantly encouraged by her amazing pieces! It was fun to mix metal, jute cloth, vintage wool and embroider it all together.

This vintage piece lent well, as it had the same romantic charm as Michelle's necklace.

I splattered ink all over the canvas cloth and then realized it didn't really absorb, so I started to heat the inked(alcohol ink) areas and ended up with this burned look- oops, kind of like the look though.

Lastly made a journal space, that tucks behind the picture, Michelle had just turned 35 when this picture was taken- 35 and Fabulous!


  1. Love that heart and yes these sneak peaks are going to drive me nuts!

  2. Great page!! Love the little heart embroidered embellie.

  3. like the splattered look (even if that wasn't the intent!!)