Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Layout For Our Newest Lady!

Hi there! It's Melanie here... I've been out of the scene lately, but have vowed to catch up by the end of the month!!
The newest member of our group, Nan, recently sent me some pictures, and I had the pleasure of scrapping them and her beautiful smile.

Here is my sneak peek!
I love to find things in my stash to use in a way they weren't intended... this brown flower I sewed using some fabric from a pillow; the latest addition to our family, puppy Foxy, thought the pillow would be a fun chew toy. The stuffing is a goner, but the fabric however, I just couldn't toss!!

The white fabric I used in the background was the wrapping in a gift I recently received.
Hope you like it Nan, can't wait to reveal the final picture!!


  1. The flower is very cool but just let me say this. . . these sneak peaks are going to drive me crazy!