Friday, January 22, 2010

Page for Nan by Jennifer

When I think of Nan, I think of happy, smiling, cool under pressure, someone who brings light to the world and everything she does. I feel really blessed to be able to work with her through Zutter, here with the Lucky 13, and just as a great friend.

When Nan sent me photos of she and her daughters, the bright colors in the pics made me instantly think of the Maya Angelou quote:

Precious Jewel,
You Glow
You Shine,
Reflecting all the good things in the world.

-Maya Angelou

I wanted to use the bright colors from the photos, magenta and sunny yellow so I painted a background of yellow polka dots directly onto the canvas. What's more happy thank polka dots?!

To get the paint to flow more smoothly onto the rough canvas I watered it down to almost watercolor consistency. After the paint dried, I used a sewing machine to add a zigzag stitch around the edge and add swirls across the polka dots.

I then raided my button stash for my most favorite yellow buttons--I had been saving them for something special and once I laid them out on the page I knew I had to use them ALL. Okay, I kept one button for myself ;) I hand-stitched the buttons to the centers of the polka dots. I wanted Nan's pics to have a fun feel so I matted them on white cardstock to look like Polaroids. Then I added the quote, using the fonts Rockwell and Clementine -- you download them both for free at

I can only show you sneaks but this is one of my favorite Lucky 13 pages so far--so bright and cheery and simple. I hope Nan likes it ;)


  1. yes yes yes! i love it.

  2. What I can see looks yummy (love those yellow buttons, btw)