Monday, January 11, 2010

Made with Love from Cheryl For Elena

This page is for my dear friend Elena who brought all of us Lucky 13 together. Elena has gone through some tough changes this year. She sent me a beautiful photo that expresses her tough choices. Because this is a sneak peek (but be watching here for future news about viewing the whole journey and complete pages) you can't see the photo.

Change can be difficult but it can also bring about experiences we can learn and grow from. Look at the butterfly. Choices, experiences, victories and mistakes help make us who we are in life. So I want to encourage Elena while it's an end . . . it's a beginning and to 'Be Brave'.

I also made a duplicate page for my daughter Abigail who is going through so many changes encouraging her as well. Changes can be difficult but she has her faith and those around her that love her to help see her through those changes. I encouraged her to embrace those changes and realize that through those changes she is becoming even more of a beautiful young lady and to 'soar'.


  1. This is such a beautiful page love all the details and delicate nature.

  2. Loving all the love that you put into this page!

  3. you touched my heart as always. love it Cheryl.

  4. Just gorgeous! Love the colors and the sheet music paper--wow!!