Friday, October 1, 2010

Translating from Canvas to 12x12

I had a blast working with canvas during our Lucky 13 Journey and created some pages that really challenged me creatively. Some of us made copies of our canvas pages to keep a second book for ourselves. Why not translate the canvas pages into 12x12 pages?

One of my favorite pages is the one I created for Elena Etcheverrry--the rich, bright blue with the white and brown accents really pops of the page for an intense effect. I took this page that I created for Elena:

And simply did the same exact thing on a 12x12 piece of cardstock that was the same blue.

The blue on Elena's page is actually painted. I taught this "copy" in my Project 12x12 Class on Going Green--we used some Martha Stewart Felt Doilies in a new way! They came 3 to a pack and who needs 3 in their house--use one for decor and the other 2 for craft projects, why not?

Just because art is on canvas or presented in a different way than our familiar scrappy 12x12 scrapbook pages doesn't mean we can't translate that to our own work! Next time you're feeling a little stumped about where to go with your page, look outside of scrapbooking for inspiration--translate a piece of art into your own scrapbook page.

Happy Creating!!


  1. i really love this page. so creative jennifer! always!

  2. Love your page......... Please to to my page where I have referenced your blog and you can pick up your award!