Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It starts with a smile!

(designed by joleejane for Candice Mclean)
I was beyond inspired when I received Candice's photo's- what a beautiful lady with a captivating smile;) I knew also that I had to use some of the painting techniques I learned from Kelly Rae when attending artnest
It was so fun to design this layout, as she had supplied me with a great tittle "37 things to do before I turn 38" (most of which I want to add to my list of" to do's" )
my only dilemma was how would I get so much journaling on a 8x8 and still have room for all the other "stuff"
making a layout on canvas also brought about a little voice that kept reminding me- use fabric!
or something from your sewing kit, and that's when I realized I could list all her to do's on a spool!

Here's a picture of the spool unraveled , when we all meet to bind this fabulous book I am hoping we can attatch this to the binding or pin to the canvas.
I feel so very blessed to be aprt of this amazing, creative group, cant wait to see what shows up next.