Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Down by the sea

Page created for Melanie by Jane Pollock So fun working with canvas, I am constantly inspired by all the artists in lucky 13 and feel so very blessed to be part of such an amazing group;)

sewing layering and distressing myself into a frenzy

cant stop fraying the ends of the canvas sheet::::::

Melanie with her bright blue eyes and her pretty red dress, love this color combo with aged paper and canvas


  1. beautiful i want to see the whole thing post to our group the final page. :)

  2. Oh my goodness. I too love this combination! Incredible page and love the layering. Oh my goodness!

  3. Good gravy this is beautiful. You're all killing me, I tell ya!

  4. love the layering and sewing on the pages. beautiful! can't wait to see the entire page! ;-)

  5. Super wow--love all the sewing on the plastic. SO detailed!