Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mothers & Daughters

Hello - happy almost end-of-summer! My girls don't start back to school until after Labor's been a quick summer (again!) It seems like only yesterday - but it was June - that I went to my DD Marli's 8th grade graduation - much like Gloria attended her daughter's graduation too! That's one of the reasons I so enjoyed creating this page - I had the same experience at around the same time!When I see pictures that are so beautiful like this, I typically don't feel like I need to overdo a layout. But I really wanted to make it pretty. The canvas is easy to work with. I have painted it, sewn it, and now Glimmer-Misted it, and I love all the effects. This is two of the newest colors of G-Mist - Peppermint Stick and Pashmina. I offset the pinks and purples with bright yellow and blue...just because. ;) And while I typically add flowers as the go-to, this time I took some organdy ribbon and scrunched it into little ruffles, which sort of reminded me of a party (or graduation) dress! It's just so girly....
Little girls grow up so fast...this was fun to do. By the way, I am working next on a page for Jennifer Priest and I have a lot of pictures of her son. Hmmmmm little boys next!?!?!?!


  1. Oh just so pretty I love the touches of yellow and blue with the pink just make it all pop!

  2. This page is so pretty love the details.