Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keep This... By Elena for Cheryl

I got some pictures from Cheryl in May and I have been working on them ever since. For a while it was planning in my head, then I got to putting it on the canvas and boy did it just keep evolving! I really love the finished project.
There is tons and tons of texture. I painted the back ground green, then covered it with tons of crystal lacquer while it was wet and added diamond dust. Then when it dried, I used a spatula and smoothed some orange paint mixed with copper over it. I love the way it made it look like sand paper kind of. I learned the spatula trick from Nina at an art gathering. I am soooo not a painter and it made so much sense. keeps the paint just on the peaks!

I had some raffle tickets on my table from the Scrapbook Royalty Black White and Craft All Over event. They all said KEEP THIS TICKET and were all different colors! Perfect! KEEP THIS is exactly what I wanted to say about Cheryl's Daughter Abby. I just love her.

I wanted even more 3-d element because I can never get enough... so I made this butterfly/dragonfly whatever it is with raffia and some vintage buttons. I can't wait to show the whole page. At the end of this journey!!


  1. Just stunning I so want to see the whole page . . . come girls this really is hard!

  2. I can't wait to see the whole page, either! From what I can see, it looks so very pretty. What a beautiful shade of green!

  3. I'm in love with this page. I love the colors you used and the photo you chose. The elements are fun and I'm going to have to try your technique. I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youl

  4. love it great job such a fun page love the colors too.