Monday, February 1, 2010

a Page for Cheryl by Jennifer

Cheryl rocks. I mean, is there another way to describe her? Sweet, vibrant, reliable, crafty, talented, faithful ... one of the cool things about doing this Lucky 13 Circle Journal is getting to know each other better and becoming friends. Or getting to know your friends better.

ANYWAYS, when I got Cheryl's photo from her trip up to Dutch Flat to one of Miss Vicky's FAB-U-LOUS retreats, this photo of she and Elena dressing up and posing just caught my eye. Look at that crazy deep teal color on the back wall of the room they are in! I painted my canvas that color and then just started pulling colors from the pic to pull items from my from Elena's shirt, red from the flower on Cheryl's hat in the pic, black from an umbrella that Cheryl is holding...

The way I have organized my scrap room has really changed how I scrap--everything is by color. For this page I just opened up the drawers for the colors in the photo and pulled out whatever seemed to fit the feel of the photo. The buttons were already on my scrap table from a kit club kit I was designing some samples for; it was a happy accident that the feathers got pushed under the buttons when I laid my goodies out and I though "ooh, that might be interesting...". Sometimes having a cluttered table is a good thing ;) The glitter "feathers" are from Michael's in the Christmas picks section--I always find the coolest stuff in there!

I splattered black paint all over the page too--even if you're not an artist this is a really easy technique to do. Go somewhere you can get messy, like outside, and water down some black paint. I like to do this when my paint bottles get close to being empty becuase it is really hard to get that last bit of paint out so I fill the bottle with water, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of the way full, then put the cap on and shake it. Then I squirt a little of the watered down paint on a foam paint brush (again, doesn't have to be a fancy brush). To get the splatters I knock the brush downward toward the page but hit the handle of it against my other arm or my hand so when the brush gets "knocked" the splatters head downward toward the photo. If you want the splatters to look old, blot them with a paper towel before they dry, soaking up excess paint and water, like I did on this page (you can really see it on the orange paper diecut on the page).

Cheryl has her page now and I hope she loves it ;) I had a really fun time creating it!!



  1. Having seen my page in person, I love it. It is incredible. Thank you for the beautiful page. I love the techniques you used! It's beautiful.

  2. Oh it is beyond words this is so Cheryl. . .

  3. By the way, your sweet and encouraging words just made me cry warm tears! I love that we aren't only artists but women with special talents, gifts and we are friends!!!