Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Page by Cheryl for Melissa

What fun photos of Melissa. These photos really show her personality! She is such a fun gal and I was thrilled to get to scrap these photos that a friend took of her. So the title of the layout . . . 'Sew' Much Fun. I used different sewing embellishments and even had fun doing some embroidery. The back of the layouts have a pocket made with a vintage hankie that stores extra photos.

Thanks Melissa for allowing me to scrap these fun photos and keep being you! You're a lovely and lively gal! I appreciate you.

I did make a duplicate of the layout I created for Melissa for some 'fun photos' of friends at Reflections 2009.

'Sew' . . . in a world where you can be anything . . . Be Yourself!


  1. Yes she is Elena. . . stunning sneak peak. . . still driving me nuts! I want to see all the books together. . .now!

  2. Super wow!! Love all the details, the pattern looking paper--gorgeous!