Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jane's Laughter Layout by Nan

Isn't this such a joyful photo of a mother and daughter? This is Jane and her daughter, Candace. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jane in person yet, but when I saw this photo I just had to smile. I want to laugh with her!! What fun!

I love their expressions, I love the frothy blue of the clothes and the texture of the sand. Oh, I so wanted to make a glorious layout from this photo! But alas, I was tied up in moving this past month and I couldn't get my creative mojo going. But now just 12 days in the new house, I am unpacked and realize the advantage of unpacking and discovering all the long lost delights of scrap supplies long forgotten. I completed two Lucky 13 layouts this weekend, and both benefitted from the "oh, look what I have" revelations of my scrap unpacking! LOL!

First I found this jelly tag that reads "a laugh is a smile that bursts".....perfect for this photo! Then I found some buttons, brads and crystal beads that I loved the look of. A little stitching and a great orange color to offset the blue, and I was so loving this layout!

I hope Jane and Candace love it too.....

And, by the way, I so want to know what you two are laughing about in this photo.

Nan :)


  1. WOW that page rocks NAN! Love the orange with the blue--perfectly happy to match the photo.

  2. I too love the orange and blue together. You are so right . . . a joyous photo. Makes me smile too. Lov'in it!!! Awesome job and love those 'discoveries' that are hidden in our scrap stashes. Way to use them!

  3. Oh this looks like such a fun page and the photo is priceless. The orange and blue rock together I am sure she will cherish this page.

  4. love the colors. Love the hansewn stiches! so cute. Can't wait to see the whole thing!